After change of battery Go 720 hangs

Mar 23, 2009
TomTom Model(s)
Go 720T
I have just changed battery in my TomTom Go 720, when i try to start it it just show a TomTom logo on the screen and after that it freeze. I have both tried to reboot it and reset it. But I still cant start it, anyone have avy idea?? I have done backup of the latest settings.
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If you are sure you have reconnected (properly) all the connections and put the pieces back properly AND you've charged the new battery for at least 2 hours, you could (assuming you have the Explorer, not Home, backup) format the unit. Don't use quickformat (you want fat32).

Then restore the backup and see if that helps.
I just have tried that, but I got the same problem. I freeze in the boot with the TomTom logo. When I tried to copy the files I couldnt cupy settings.dat, it told me that the was corrupted. I had it on the backup from earlier. After that I formatted di internal memory, and copy the files back. But I got the same problem.
Can you:
1. Delete everything on the unit.
2. Copy back your specific map folder only from your backup.
3. Connect the unit to Home and install the application that will be offered......
I think I got a dead GPS, ***t! I can install everything that you told me, but when I take the GPS out of the dock it still hangs. I think that the batterychange was no good idea. I give up!
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Your 720 will support SDHC cards up to and including 32GB capacity, for practical purposes a 4GB is large enough for all the files you need for a working device, consider 8GB or even 16GB if you want to add lots of mp3 tracks or other maps.

Don't just get the cheapest card available though the TomTom needs a decent quality high speed card in order to use it (it will reject/ refuse to use a card that isn't fast enough) go for a Class 6 card and you will be fine, class 8 or even class 10 are faster still but the extra performance they offer isn't needed by the Nav unit - Mike
My 720 is gone :-(, after i had try to install the core on the external memory card, it restart the whole time.

I think im going to by a new 730, but I wonder if I cand use my TMC module and car adapter from 720T??.

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