TomTom One N14644 battery change

Dec 28, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
tomtom one N14644
Hi everyone, have a question(s):

The TomTom One that my kids gave me quite a few years ago will not keep a charge. All the posts/videos show removing 4 screws to open the unit but mine has no screws anywhere on the back or front. The only thing on the back is the large speaker grill with 3 springs that hold the unit into the mounting bracket.

How do you open the unit to get to the battery and where is a good place to purchase one?

In general I find YouTube best for how-to instructions and Ebay for where to source parts.

See if [ame][/ame] helps. Maybe use a broader plastic tool and not the very small metal screwdriver shown in the video that chews up the case.
Thanks, great info! Quite a bit different from the other videos I have seen as there are more tabs and individual parts. Now I am off to Radio Shack to see if they have what I need!:)

eBay is usually good for TomTom batteries, and they usually give you two plastic tools for opening the case with too.
Radio Shack is unlikely to have the battery pack you need. I've had good success with replacement TomTom batteries that I've purchased here:

I could tell you exactly the one you need from their list, but there's no such thing as a TomTom N14644 (that's a regulatory agency approval number) and there are a couple of versions of battery for various ONE units. If you can supply the first two characters of the serial number on your unit, I'll know exactly what model you have and can recommend the right pack for it. It's very probably this one, though:
The first 2 characters of what looks like the serial number is:


There is also a: 4EE0

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That's definitely an early version of the basic ONE model. 1GB memory, no text-to-speech. When you get it opened up, I'm guessing you'll find an 800mA battery that looks just like the one you see in the batteryship page that I linked to in the prior message.
TomTom F650010252 800mA

is this the one your are referring to?

Yup! Once your case is open, I expect you to see the 800mA rating and the same little 3 pin connector on the original battery.

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