my TomTom N14644 won't charge?

Apr 21, 2011
I feel so silly because I actually just got this thing today. Actually I purchased this used from ebay. The member told me it worked fine although she had misplaced the charging cable so I was not going to get it. Now here I am a few days later with this TomTom N14644 and I go to test it out. Lucky for me mom had an extra cable for her TomTom so she said I could keep it. I went to test it out in her car and the tom tom loads fine. Then as I am trying to turn off the tom tom the screen froze and the only thing you see is a screen filled with a bunch of random colored lines and nothing else.

Now the system wont shut off no matter what I try. I tried to unplug it and even tried to hold down the power button and this got nowhere. Eventually the tom tom battery gave up and it shut off. Now when I try to charge my tom tom it won't turn on and the green light at the bottom of the tom tom does not light up like it did when I first plugged it into moms car. I even tried my car and it did not work. My guess is that either mom gave me a cord that does not work or this person sold me a broken tom tom (although the description said it was in good working condition)

Oh and yes my mom has the same exact tom tom I just got with the same model and number if this helps any.

What are my options and how do I fix this? It won't load or charge and it is off with no way to get it on. Any ideas or similar problems with solutions? Thanks :confused::thumb:
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I think the bottom line is that you may be SOL, Johnny.

First of all, there isn't a model with that number you provided. If you look at the bottom, there will be a number (probably on a silver strip). Look at the first two characters of that serial number and enter them in the proper location in this link. That will tell you the proper model.

Report back with what it says and we can take it from there.
May as well start from the beginning...

When the cable is plugged into the car outlet by itself, does IT light up?
I figured it out. What happened was the cable my mom had given me she has had for years and it is quite used up. I did not notice that at the end of the cable some of the wires have come loose to the cable. So the cable was a no good. I went back and used my moms car charger and the TomTom started up fine. So I just went out and got a new cable for myself and it worked fine. Thanks anyways. John :thumb:

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