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May 18, 2015
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Found out I need to drive to Canada Wednesday, trying to download the Canada maps and having no luck, I continually receive an error message that TomTom does not recognize my zip code when trying the purchase on the TomTom site.

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Thank you for the reply, my plan was to call TomTom tomorrow or try to get a car with navigation when the rental agencies open tomorrow, was just hoping that maybe someone had run into this before and had the answer tonight.
Maybe someone on the West coast sees your post, they are 3 hours behind.
Going to Montreal or Toronto?

Have you put your destination into Google maps, clicked Directions and added your starting location?
Going to Saguenay QC, I live in central New Hampshire, typically i would fly but the drive to Saguenay is only eight hours, compared with a three hour drive to Boston plus tight connections in both Toronto and Montreal

I did print out the mapquest directions but the time frame is tight, I do not speak french and I feel more comfortable with a GPS
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Make the call to CS that Arno provided in this thread. Some people have had success putting GENERAL DELIVERY in the address field.
This would be the Google route from about I-89 and I-91.
From Lebanon, NH to Saguenay, QC it takes about 6h 30 min.

Is your current map USA only? Most of the US maps also have Canada on them.

You are not supplying a proper model number. Do you use the HOME or MyDrive software to update your device?
Test your device if it can go to Saguenay.
Use "Drive to City Center" (or proper destination).
You will now see NH somewhere at the right hand top.
Tap it and use the UP arrow to see if Canada shows above Colorado.
If yes, tap it, and enter the destination as always and you are ready to go.

Towards Quebec City and north of there road signs may (will) become unilingual French. Should not be a problem as, like in the States now, almost all are symbols.
Compass directions Nord/Est/Sud/Ouest are pretty apparent when you sound them out.
Thank you again for your help Arno and dhn. I contacted customer service this morning, I had been trying to update using the downloaded tomtom home utility, for whatever reason my device will only update through Customer Service was very helpful and walked me through the update.

I will be driving from Concord nh, up 93, to 91, over the border, 55, to 20 to 175

You are correct, I was providing an incomplete model number, the device did not have Canadian maps, indeed I had to uninstall the US maps and then reinstall an eastern US/Canada package.
I don't think that TomTom advertises their Concord location for support these days, but AFAIK, they're still over on 150 Baker Ave.

"Most" of the action is in Burlington.
Not aware of a baker ave in concord nh, google informs me of a baker ave former tomtom location in concord ma

The original settlers of new england were not terribly original when naming their towns, in full disclosure I actually live in nottingham nh, a town with more cows than people just east of concord and another town with duplicates in both new england and england
Yes, Concord, Mass.

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