Can My TomTom XL N14644 Work in Dresden Germany?

Aug 8, 2010
Hi Gang :D

I just started using an older XL N14644 - I like it.

I'm going to Germany in the fall - will it work in Germany?

And BTW - what will the USB connection do? Provide updates?

Thank you
There is no XL N14644 model. There ARE North American XL 325, 330, 335, 340 and 350 models (though a 350 is a newer model).

When you tap on the satellite bars, and then tap on the version number, what does it show at the top of the next screen as being the model?

If you have a European map that covers Germany and have installed the map on the computer, it'll work.

The usb connection is to connect your unit to the computer. When you start Home, Tomtom's computer software and the unit is connected, updates get sent to the unit via the supplied usb cable. You can also charge the unit via the connected cable.
Well, the seller posted incorrect information. As I said, there is no One model with that number.

Anyway, get the proper legitimate map and it'll work on your unit.
N14644 is the number on the bottom of a few models, it's some sort of regulatory ID, that isn't specific enough to tell which model Tomtom it is.

If it's a 4.3" screen with app 8.014 then you have an XL 325 or XL330 or older 2007 "ONE XL".

Regardless, all of those models will work in Germany if you buy Germany maps from Tomtom. Install the Tomtom home application and it will allow you to purchase Germany maps.

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