TomTom One N14644 White Screen

Sep 10, 2011
Hi There, my wife has a TomTom One model no:N14644. When powered up it only displays a white screen. If I do a soft reset whilst connected to the PC it will be recognised by TomTom Home and i can control the device, but at all times the screen remains white. I've tried navigating to Restore Factory Settings but it is greyed out (I wondered if a reset would help) so I can't. Has anyone else experienced this? Just want to know if it needs to go in the bin or if it can somehow be brought back to life.
Many Thanks,
Connect it to your PC and use Windows Explorer to view the contents of the drive associated with the TomTom, when you first open the drive letter for the device you will see lots of folders and files, delete the lose files but do not touch any files within folders or folders.
Next fire up TomTom Home on the PC and click the update my TomTom button, this will re-install a full set of the Navcore software needed to get the device working - Mike
Hi Mike, thanks for the advice, I followed your instructions but sadly with the same results. Again I can control it with the PC but display remains white. Thanks, phil
When you followed Mike's advice above, did Home actually tell you it was offering and installing a new NAVCORE software?

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