battery change go 720 bluetooth dead

Dec 22, 2012
kent england
TomTom Model(s)
GO 720
can anyone help ?

i changed the battery in my tt go 720 and that's when all the problems started
firstly the tt started looping on start up i managed to cure this by removing the map settings cfg file from the western Europe map then a problem switching the unit off i found for some reason there were 2 copies of maps on my unit so i removed one and that cured that problem ,i started to use tt in my car and everything was working good then i saw in the details screen the Bluetooth icon with a red x on top of it so i went to the Bluetooth settings in the menu and tried to enable and search immediately the red screen came up "Bluetooth error do you want to try again" pushed yes and it just hung for ages so eventually i reset the unit and guess what im back to square one "looping" so i removed the map settings cfg file again and it started working again (still no Bluetooth) one thing i have noticed that each night i turn it on it seems to boot up like from new ie hard disk load up screen and then welcome to tom tom go 720 but doesn't ask me to renew all the settings (thank god) occasionally it will just show the tom tom screen (road with night background (splash screen?)) and boot up a little faster but if i ever go near the Bluetooth settings page it has to be all reset again
i was wondering (thinking out loud) what about firmware update ,renew software format disk (obviously after backing up everything) but this is a little out of my comfort zone so a little bit of guidance would be appreciated if i was to go down this route
many thanks for your time any reply's gratefully accepted
I managed to kill Bluetooth functionality on the very first Go720 I did a battery change on, due to over enthusiastic "levering" to prize the battery off the circuit board.

I've never bothered to trouble-shoot the problem because I was given a newer model soon after, but I suspect I managed to dislodge a tiny capacitor (very easy to do on these boards with surface-mount components).

I'm normally very careful, but that old battery was so firmly glued on, I did get a bit violent with it!

See this topic on the UK PocketGPSWorld forum, which describes exactly the same bluetooth issue.
Damaged my 530 changing battery.

The final result was....
Excellent! I used a 1uF 603 for C218 and bluetooth is restored and traffic working again.

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