Transferring ov2/bmp files to Go 510 using MyConnect

Oct 27, 2009
St Neots, UK
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I have just got a new GO 510, installed MyConnect on my laptop, connected the 510 to the laptop, run , had the 510 recognised by the software and updated the 510 successfully. So 100% so far.

Now I wish to transfer my own poi files from my laptop to the 510 but I cannot find anyway to do this in MyConnect. I have googled "transferring pois to Tomtom 510" and received what looks like helpful instructions but when I go to MyConnect I cannot find the relevant pages that look like those i the instructions.

In MyConnect I have three major sections, Overview, My Content and My Account

1. Overview
This tells me that my 510 has been recognised and connected to the server. It also tells methe sat nav is up to date.
In small boxes underneath are tabs to (i) Buy maps ans services and (ii) Plan route and view traffic

2. My Content
Here I see
My Maps which lists 8 maps and tell me that only Europe is installed
My Speed Cameras with subsections for (i) Speed cameras and (ii) Lifetime Speed camera Services.
My Services which lists Lifetime Services for 8 regions (same regions as maps)plus Lifetime Cameras.

My Account
This lists details of my account.

I cannot find any other sections in MyConnect to go to and I cannot find anything relevant to other content on the 510.

Where am I going wrong?
Thanks for the guide dhn.

Strangely enough I found out how to do it simply by trying everything - I'm one of those who has to fiddle with things all the time! I went to the Plan Routes page and found My Places.

I now have another question. I have a long list of ov2 files I have transferred from my old Tomtom to my laptop and now I would like to transfer them to my new 510. Am I write in my understanding that I must transfer these files one at a time?
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Am I write in my understanding that I must transfer these files one at a time?
.. and trust us, this shortcoming HAS been brought to their attention (loudly!).
I have now managed to load custom pois onto my Go 510 use MyDrive.

Each poi file I downloaded had an associated bmp file with the same name. However when the pois appear on the screen they are marked with a black circle and not the bmp image.

Where have I gone wrong?
Sorry in my haste to get things going I appear to have made a dogs dinner of my posts.
Often, after I have posted a question on a forum, I get n answer which leads me on to the next stage where I inevitably come across another problem which, to me, is unanswerable.

Should I add my new question of append it to my original post?

If I start anew post them I seem to end up with several posts discussing essentially the same range of problems.

If I use just one post then I end up with successive posts answering different questions and it all become very confusing.

What is thr correct procedure I should follow?

Once again many thanks to all of you who help make my life much easier.
Normally, asking further questions in the same thread is ok. We don't want 'cross posting' where the same question is asked in more than one thread.

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