Transferring Favourites List when upgrading hardware

Jan 9, 2019
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I have a GO740 which is very reliable and all I've needed in the Island of Jersey [roads hardly ever change over here] and for occasional bi-annual trips to the UK and France. I've just been gifted with a TomTom Start52 for Christmas, and I'm wondering how to transfer my Favourites List (containing a number of European and UK sites visited over the years), from the GO740 to the new Start 52? Re-entering them all item by item will take hours and be a laborious job. I have spent a couple of hours looking through FAQ's and questions already submitted to this Forum and I can't see that subject has ever been raised and answered before.
Raised and answered, but quite a long time ago.

There is a file in your map folder called mapsettings.cfg. Among other things, it contains your favorites. If you pull that file over to your PC and use a tool like POIEdit, you can remove the 'dross' (the "other things") from the content of that file and wind up with just your favorites information. Then you can use POIEdit to save that as an *.ov2 file (a TomTom POI file).

Having done that, the MyDrive web interface that is used to work with the content of your Start 52 can be used to move the *.ov2 file from your PC to your Start 52.
I call my file _Favorites.ov2 (yes, with an underscore) to keep that file at the top of the list on my newer TomTom units.

The app can be dowloaded here >>
It will directly open the mapsettings.cfg file, and as I say, can be used to edit out the non-favorite information from that file, then save it to your PC as _Favorites.ov2.

Once you've done that, the web site at TomTom for communicating with your Start 52 is if you can work in English, or you can click on the map to change to whatever language you prefer.
You set up an account there for your Start 52 (if you haven't done all of that already) and use that web page to transfer the *.ov2 file. If you need help at that point, just ask.

Long ago, there used to be a utility that did most of this for you, but that TomTom utility hasn't, as I recall, worked for quite some time due to changes in the interface of newer units.
thank you very much for that educational response. You have saved me hours of laborious work.
In canderson's report #2 replace "Start 52" with your "GO 5xxx - 6xxx series".
The actual list of old Favorites, My Places entries in the new devices, are accessible when tapping the _Favorites (no .ov2 displayed) on the device.
To get these destinations back to the same position as they were on the old device, after having selected one, tap Recent Destinations and tap 'Add to My Places'.

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