ONEXL updating

Dec 10, 2012
Wales, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Hi there, I am new here and having a little trouble updating. Heres a rundown so far, I do have tomtom HOME installed. Paid for and downloaded the updates. During installing it stopped and said there was not enough space and that I needed to delete something like 16.5 mb, i think that was the amount. Anyway, how do I delete anything on the card and more to the point, what do I delete. Speaking to my son on the phone just now, who carried out the same procedure recently, he said he had the same thing and there was a button to click that done the deleting for him. I had no such button apart from a 'DONE' button down in the right hand corner.I have already backed up in HOME. Sorry, a bit long winded, hope some kind soul can help me. Eddie.
I presume you mean you updated a map. On that device, everything must go on the sd card, not just the map. The application and everything else as well.

I know you said you made a Home backup but can you please make an Explorer backup as well. The instructions are here:

Once that is done, can you try a manual install of the map update. The istructions for that procedure are here:
Hi dhn, thanks for your help.Yes, it was map updates. I have now backed up to a folder on the pc as advised but the second link to install manually flumoxed me rather. I am not that much clued up with this sort of thing. Have you come across this before? strange that my son was able to complete his installation by clicking a button that wiped his sd card for him.
Well, you could try again with Home. Go to Manage my Unit (2nd page of Home)-->and -->items on Device-->Maps and select to Remove.


Don't do that unless you are sure you made the Explorer backup of the entire device's contents.
OK , will try that in the morning, (my wife has collered the main pc now and it's quite late as well. :eek:) ) Thanks.
My suggestion for things you can delete would be any voices that you don''t use, espacially rhe "Computer ones"
You can remove those using TomTom Home, in the 'Manage my Device' section.
Hello again dhn and Andy. Right, I took the plunge and deleted the maps and all voices bar the two English ones and the then loaded the new maps with no problem. Many thanks for your help and advice. I now know a little more about the Tomtom than I did this time yesterday. Thanks again. :)

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