My own home address is wrong??

Jul 18, 2009
San Antonio, TX USA
TomTom Model(s)
Sony XNV-770BT
So, after the map fiasco, I decided to give this thing a spin. It works fairly well in terms of the HW, but the maps are atrocious. Even my home address is wrong! It's off by 1/4 a mile or so, too far E. At least it got the road correct.

How can I correct this in my GPS? I went to the map correction option, and tried to correct there, but it doesn't seem to have address correction functionality. I did the 'other' error section, went through all the steps, selected the address as the problem, and described how it was off in the text box (all a pain with the tiny keyboard that comes up for that entry). When I synced the tomtom with Home, it uploaded corrections (I made a bunch of others), but I'm pretty sure my address is still wrong.

How do I fix it, so other people with TomToms aren't entering the wrong apartment complex (the one it things has the address - which is not correct)?

You can't. You can only report the error to TeleAtlas (or Tomtom) and hope that at some point it will be corrected,

Next year the locator info from the USCensus will be available to all the mapping companies. Addresses will be logged with coordinates included with the census data, so there may be hope of more accurate street addressing sometime not so far in the future.

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