No Map Download Shown via TomTom Home

Apr 14, 2010
TomTom Model(s)
XL340S Live
I reformated my TomTom 340S Live a few days ago via Windows Explorer. Made a backup and everything, when I went to reinstall it, I got a corrupt message, emailed Tech Support, they told me to delete the map from my computer, rename the "Download" folder within TomTom Home's files, and delete it off my TomTom. I didn't think to make a copy on my computer just in case. Did the software reset tool thing they sent me, nothing worked. They have confirmed that I have paid for USA, Canada, And Mexico maps for 1 year. Have all the updates installed as far as Application, QuickGPSFix, etc etc. but no map is available to me to download. I even disable Norton Firewall thinking it might be blocking it. Any tip before I put a call into TomTom?




No, sounds like a call is in order at 866-486-6866. Renaming the download folder should allow for a new folder to get named to that when you use Home and all downloads you are entitled to (mapshares, gps files, MAPS) should have been offered.

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