Go premium x refusing to download map

Sep 21, 2019
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Go premium x
Hi There .
Just like the title says. This is a brand new Premium X . Received yesterday . Its fully charged and plugged in . I've done all the updates its asked for . Its gor a memory card in which is of the right spec and has plenty of room on it .
When I go to the 'add maps' page the memory card is recognized and showing 30g free space . I have a good wifi signal
I'm wanting to download the USA map . Ea h time I try I get a msg saying 'oops something went wrong please try again'

Any suggestions welcome please .
Thank you
I presume you formatted the in the device else it wouldn't show 30 GB available.
For belts and braces, go once more to Menu > Settings > System > Format memory card and [proceed formatting it is you don't see:

Hello Sir.
Thank for getting back to me. The shot you show above is what I have here.
Thank you
Any more suggestions please .?
Maybe some of the heavy hitters here have a more suitable suggestion but since there is nothing on the card I would put it back in the PC an and format it again as FAT32. Not quick format but the detailed one and the let TomTom format it again in the device.
With the FAT32 formatted card the message should be
Screen Shot 09-21-19 at 04.09 PM.JPG
Try it in this sequence. While not documented, you may need step 2 to make it work.

  1. Use your PC to format the memory card with the file system FAT32 (Windows) / ExFat (Mac).
  2. RESET your GO, and insert the memory card only after you see the map view.
  3. Your GO should then ask you if you want to format the memory card. Select Yes.
  4. Connect your GO to your PC with MyDrive Connect running (that causes a hardwired connection back to TomTom instead of WiFi) and try to install the map on the memory card.
It could also be an issue with the account you have set up at TomTom for your new unit, and that would require making contact with tech support.

If you've owned other TT devices devices in the past, be sure your new one uses a new email/password combination.
Thank you all .
Especially to canderson I followed your instruction to the letter and have now got my map downloaded
I was beginning to panic a bit as I fly to the states on Oct 1st . . .
Have a good time while you're here. If you plan to be in the Colorado area for any reason, send me a PM.
Good morning Sir,that's really kind of you,however on this trip I will be travelling in the Carolinas and then heading to Alex City in AL for a Mopar event.
Thank you

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