Can you connect two iPhones to one Go premium.


Nov 7, 2020
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Is it possible for a second person (my wife) to use our car and satnav and connect her phone to the Go and therefore have traffic info when she travels without me. Thanks.
Yes. Your GO can be connected to any of several devices. All you need do is make the pairing connection the same way for her phone as you did for your own. The device isn't 'married' to one particular phone. On the whole, I find the WiFi tethering to be more reliable than Bluetooth for any current level of iOS.
Thanks for your prompt reply. I have only just purchased the satnav and thought it did not need a phone connection. Only discovered it whilst setting up and haven’t yet paired my phone. Still updating maps, it certainly takes a while. Might be more
questions coming up.
Thanks again. Rodger
Could only a problem with tomtom drive app and same acxount. Fir example when you send a new location to both divices then you partner takes another rooth;)

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