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Nov 12, 2019
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How do I put my own voices on this device?
I upgraded from my TT one XL and would like the voices from it.
I have all of the files from the 1 XL easy.
BUT This new tom tom does not show up in my computer (win7 pro 64b)
I hope I have not just wasted money on this new one.
All I want to do is make my own voice files for it, otherwise I would not have bothered.
Any ideas please?
You're two generations away from 'custom voices', I'm afraid. No can do.

Also, you're right -- this device won't show up on your PC as an external drive. You'd look in Device Manager under Network Adapters instead. The thing is a little mini-server. Also a function of jumping ahead a couple of generations. For the same reason, you won't use Home to work with it and update it, either. The new app is called My Drive.

It's not all good news if you're a fan of the older devices.
The good news is that up-to-date maps can be loaded onto the new device.
Also POI's, now how about that Fiat 500 car logo, suppose you cannot do that either!
They have taken a lot of fun out of it. It is a shame.
I suppose I will have to repurchase the voices !
Since we cannot access the internals you will have to purchase other voices.
I can live with Samantha, the basic voice over here.

No, I do not think other logos are available but why, on earth, do you want a FIAT 500 !!!
It was my Mum's car. First car I ever drove aged 12.
Pozitano yellow - De Lux, complete with sun roof and extra chrome bull bars.
Makes me smile when I see it on the tt one XL :)
POIs are no problem. I need to run, but perhaps one of the other moderators can point you to a fairly recent post I made that shows how that is done.
Not quite Chrome bumpers:)


  • TT_Fiat.bmp
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Hi, Thanks for the reply,
I had already worked out POI's I have a caving / potholing one, burger king etc etc
I did manage to look into the directory structure of the TT,
Most interesting :)

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