How to install a downloaded map without using Home - Discussion

Please advise as my GPS is currently a brick. My 1535 uses MyDrive not Home. Should this method work in my case? I'm an experienced computer user and have no problem working directly with files including .zip.
It will not for that model. What specifically is wrong with your 1535 that you refer to as a 'brick'?
I attempted to update the maps using MyDrive - only using the eastern US since the full map is now too large for the device. It downloads the map and begins the install. At about 70% complete (20 minutes remaining), the install stops and I get an error message that something went wrong. I've tried leaving it running overnight, no joy. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the device, same 70% result. I tried clearing the MyDrive cache and reinstalling, same result. I tried uninstalling MyDrive and reinstalling then downloading the map again, same result. Now I have a device that says no map found and can't figure a way to get one on it - that sort of defines brick to me.

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