Download map without TomTom Home

Feb 26, 2011
Seattle, WA (Where it RAINS all the time...)
TomTom Model(s)
xxl 540tm
s/n RX5041B04694
app: 9.061.576030.2
OS 567329 (1034, 9/15/2010)
64 Ram (18.8 free)
GPS v1.20, Boot: 5.5279
Map: USA_Canada_and Mexico_P (v865.3254)


Hi guys.

After a bunch of time, recently decided that I should finally update the map.

Trying to do that without using TT Home, etc.

Performed a total backup to my chosen location. But, I cannot get this to download the current map without having the unit connected to TT home; and registered by the computer; and with it saying - "don't disconnect until I'm done upgrading your device, stuff"

First, it wanted to update Home, or TT software on my computer. Stating a critical update existed. After trying to avoid that - I eventually let it do it - but found myself in a perpetual loop of the new software stating I did not have the device connected; and whenever I connected the 540 - it would then go though the entire process of updating the software; but never actually connect to and recognize the 540...

After many hours of seeing the TT software being repeatedly installed; I don't remember what I did - to actually get it to recognize that the 540 was connected to the computer.

However - in trying to get it to download the current map - I do not know how to get TT to download the current map without the 540 being connected.

HOW do I do that??

Plus, after finally giving up, stating "Well, I do have the backup, so if it screws up the 540; I can just restore it" - I started the download of the current map. Then, during that download which was going to eventually directly install onto the 540 - the download 'timed out': and I just gave up...

The 540 has been telling me that my map is quite old; and I should put on a new one; but I didn't think it was going to be so much of a hassle. I am sure - that I am doing something wrong.

I did attempt to use my 'activation code' once - to help things out - since the TT home seems to want that - but of course I did previously use that code when I first purchased the 540 - so that didn't speed anything up or make life easier...

I have previously read and saved this Forum instructions on loading a downloaded map into the 540 without using Home - but I don't ever see exactly how you are to download the map without using Home - and Home requires the 540 to be connected; and even then always seems to be just in a update the software mode mostly loop...

Yes, but I'm a bit confused.

What is the point of the independent backup; and stating not to use TT Home - because it can screw stuff up - if we have to use it to download and load the stuff??

IHOME states to not disconnect while it is upgrading. So, if it messes stuff up; I can only go back and reload the old backup; and start the whole process again...

So, I am confused.

I did finally (last night) get my 540 updated. This was after several constant 'server errors' and some stated errors at the beginning for which I have no idea what the error message was attempting to state; I just continued on and ignored them. Nothing else for me to do at that point.

But eventually, the entire new map was downloaded; and then it instantly started loading it onto my device. So HOME was in total control for the entire process. Including all of the numerous errors which it was giving. But now, finally; after about 6 hours with a high speed connection - I do have the 540 updated to current. And I have made a backup of that - so if HOME were to mess it up on the next update.... I could restore it to this older version... So what is the point of all the instructions stating not to use HOME on this forum??

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. I do have the instructions on loading a map without using HOME - I just don't see how to GET the MAP; and then manually load it (without HOME) since once HOME loads it; as soon as it completes the download....

But, at the point where the screen goes from Downloading to Installing, you can click on the 'Cancel' button. The compressed map file willo reside here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\

and you can then install without Home using the information here:

By the way, hope your backup was with Explorer, not Home. See here:
Yes, my backups were with Explorer.

I have (and had) those instructions already saved onto my computer. But, thanks for the links to them. Good thought.

My confusion comes I guess on pressing the 'cancel' button. This is interrupting a process which is already in progress; since it wasn't waiting around to start loading it onto the machine.

I do wonder what would happen if when it starts downloading - if I were to disconnect the 540 at that point - to prevent anything being written to the 540 from HOME. The large red X is not going; just the warning not to disconnect from HOME; but the large red X comes on when after finishing the download - it instantly starts writing to the 540. So, possibly the download would finish; and then I could reconnect? It is something I wondered about - but did not try - for mostly not wanting to mess it up concerns...

Thanks for the help DHN; and any other info.

If you hit Cancel at the Install process and then disconnected/reconnected, you could get the map install process again using Home's Add Voices/Maps and doing the arrow right thing till you got to the Items on my Computer, maps and then select the map there.


You can do the manual install using the info I provided in the link in the previous post.
Yes, but I'm a bit confused.

What is the point of the independent backup; and stating not to use TT Home - because it can screw stuff up - if we have to use it to download and load the stuff??

The advice we often give is not to use Home to make BACKUPS (because it has made incomplete or corrupted ones in the past).

We've never said tyou shouldn't use it to make map downloads, in fact it's essential to use it (and have the tomTom connected for the first part of the process at least), because that's when the unique map locking codes are created to pair it with your device.

I would say just go ahead and use Home as intended to get the new map AND to install it.

In the unlikely event that it DOES mess up during the map installation, then you can use your Windows Explorer backup to get back to where you were.

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