Missing Map

Apr 27, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
One 140
I downloaded TomTom One software to my new PC (win 10) and my North American map file disappeared and I have no backup.
I need HELP or my unit will have to go to goodwill !!!
Have you ever downloaded a new map for your device? When was the last time you did receive a full new map? And do you have access to your 'old' PC?
Thanks for your response. This was the first time I used one software to update map...and my old map went away !! Unfortunately, I don't have my old PC to access. Is there a download site for an older NA map file?
Unfortunately, no. However, let's see if there's actually a map still on your unit, just in case.
Hook up the 140 to your PC, and look for a folder with the name "North_America" or similar. Open that folder.
Do you see files called cline.dat, poi.dat, cnode.dat etc. there?
Only an empty North America 880 3810 file....that is all I could find.
I guess it is time to scrap or donate this unit without any map access. Do you agree?
Yes, because at this time, the 140 is in the "EOL" category when it comes to new maps. TomTom hasn't, as far as I know, been willing to dig up an older map version to provide to owners of these small memory model devices.

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