Live 740 map updates -Install to memory card??

Nov 1, 2010
UK, Staffs
I have the TomTom Live 740 and subscribe to the map updates. Tonight for the first time when connnecting to TomTom home and updating the map a dialogue page came up "There is no memory card in your navigation device" which is not surprising as the 710 Live does not have a memory card, albeit there is a memroy card slot.

The dialogue box continues "or click to install to internal memory" - which is the correct place. My concern is that I have never seen that dialogue before when updating maps.. Can anyone explain?
I believe either the new application on the device or the new Home build (or both) has additional functionality to check exactly what memory availability a device has.

Many North American units with small storage are being faced with the prospect of zoned maps for the first time with the 890 release today. So maybe all devices are getting searched for available memory
I get the Europe North zoned map. It is just that I have never seen the dialogue box before and as I am going away on Saturday I did not wish to get a problem with the map update so I declined the update for the time being.
If you installed a new, blank 4GB SDHC card in the slot, you could have the FULL Europe map.... (You're already entitled to it, so it won't cost any more).

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