GO740 LIVE & lifetime maps from Amazon

Jan 18, 2010
Nashua, NH
TomTom Model(s)
I'm thinking about the $99 lifetime maps from Amazon for my GO 740 LIVE. This price is equivalent to 2 years individual updates from TT at current rates, and given that the system works fine it seems like a reasonable choice.

Has anyone bought this update or care to share opinions on the subject?
Yes, I did see the "coming soon" link on TT's site, but from what I've seen on the forums, that announcement's been there for months, so I'm assuming it's just one more page of useless information on the site! Forums like this one provide more useful info than I've ever found on TT"s own site!

As long as the unit doesn't break I don't have any reason to toss it since it's got all the right functionality I needed. My main requirement was to be able to tell the GPS the 'right' (AAA recommended) route and the itinerary feature does that admirably. Voice recognition is decent, time estimates are spot on with IQ routes and ALG is good.

It does have it's idiosynchrasies of course. It will insist on telling you to keep left at various times on Rt 128 & I-495 around Boston when there's absolutely no chance that you're going to take an exit by mistake, but will stay silent on an actual highway split on I-84W in CT where staying in the left lanes (straight) will actually put you on Rt. 7 while I-84W curves off to the right:confused: (Moral: Don't ignore highway signs just because you have a GPS!)

Bluetooth is the only thing I've had issues with. It worked great with the original firmware that came preinstalled and never worked again after firmware updates with an older LG enV2, or LG Ally running Android 2.1. I haven't checked again after the Ally was upgraded to Android 2.2 so that's on my TODO list. LG's speaker phones work fine so I haven't missed bluetooth.

So since I've got no plans to dump the 740 and there's no guarantee TT won't raise the yearly rates in future or pull the lifetime offer entirely, it seems reasonable to go with it. And as a bonus, since it's being paid through Amazon, there's no credit card 'foreigh transaction fee' involved!
Just go to Amazon.com and you will see the lifetime maps are available as a download for US$99.

I bought this 4-5 months ago and am still wondering if I made the correct decision. My 740 is 18 months old now, works okay and is on an extended warranty from my credit card, which is free.

Consider relying on Mapshare until it runs out for your current map. Also, I would not have invested US$99 if the unit did not have at least a year of "warranty" remaining.

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