Issues/problems with install of map 940

Just to be sure we're in sync, here was the last request for diagnostics when you get a chance in the next day or two:

"In fact, why don't you go to the tab labeled "Options", and uncheck "Display Disconnected Devices" now. Those that aren't being used are just cluttering things up. We need to see *which* device in the list is being referenced when you plug in the 540. From there, we can probably resolve this."


"No need to uninstall anything, but when you get the low to high ding indicating a USB connection, something should be appearing in the list. It may not be a 'recognizable' device, but it should still appear, just as some of your other 'unknowns' did in the past.

IF the utility displays nothing at all, then (and I can't recall where all this thread has gone) I'd see if someone with an XP machine has any different experience at all when it's plugged in to see if we can do any good on something other than Win8 about regaining control of the unit."

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