Installation problems/issues with map 960

Been trying to update to 960. Everytime when it reach 100%, it said there is something didn't install on the device. In my content on mydrive, when I click on the map, there is an option to repair, try that, and same thing happen. Delete the map and redownload again, still have problem.
Are you being offered anything along with the map:? A Mapshare update or anything else? If so, deselect any other items and update them separately at a later time. When it comes to new firmware and maps, my motto for some time has been "one thing at a time".

I should ask -- is the old map still resident? Is your device operational or toast?

OTOH, if all you have been attempting to download and install at this stage is the new map, then please check two things:
1) How much memory remains on your unit prior to the beginning of the process? MyDrive Connect should give you a clear indication of that. I'm not always convinced that it gets the needed/available memory calculation just right, and it will do its best to fit these bigger maps onto your unit if it thinks that it can.
2) Which map are you attempting to download and install? Are you being offered any alternatives -- for example, a version of your existing map without the buildings, or one or more maps that cover less geographical area?
3) If your unit still works, to go the setup Maps area and pretend you want to switch maps. It will show the version number of the map that is currently installed. I suggest this because it wouldn't be the first time that an installation appeared to have failed when in fact it had succeeded.
As of this point, the device is without a map, so I can't do anything. (Only show the no map found message)
The new map size is 6222MB, and device free space is 6278MB
The new map version is V9.60, USA, Canada, & Mexico. This is the only option I have.
Currently, when I connect it to mydrive, it won't say I have update. But on My Content section, it shows the map 960 on My Maps section and have the option to install it
The device is recognized by the windows and mydrive
Already tried clear cache
Don't have the option to close the MyDrive when click on icon. Try doing the same thing with Quit, still same problem.
Already try resetting, also a emergency recovery, still same problem

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