Start 25 map update installation linking problem

Aug 5, 2011
SW France
TomTom Model(s)
Start 25 Europe
After three hours of trying to update a map I’ve just bought I am just about giving up. Why is it so complicated to do obviously important things like updating a map with TomTom? It was a big problem last time I did this two years ago and now I’m having to jump through the hoops all over again.

My device is a Start 25 linked to my account which I have used with My Drive Connect successfully for updates every couple of days for the last two years with no problems.

I now want to install the new map. Using the link from the purchase confirmation email it told me I had to install Home 2. I did this and when I chose ‘update map’ it took me to a page where I had to log in. It then told me I had to link my device with Home 2 but as the link button is greyed out it seems there is a problem. When I disconnected my device and then reconnected it, up comes My Drive Connect, fully linked telling me that my device is up to date.

I have no idea why Home 2 it is asking me to link my device as it has been working well for a long time. Can someone tell me what I am missing?
That is an error is saying you need Home 2. That device requires MyDriveConnect. Try a drum reset on the unit by holding the power button about 20 seconds till you hear the drum sounds and then connect to MyDriveConnect again to see if updates are offered.

Call support for further assistance:

01 70 36 35 82
du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30
The email confirmation sounds like it belongs to an older device.
By any chance did you once have a previous (older) TomTom unit that used the same email address?
dhn; MyDriveConnect tells me that the device is up to date but doesn't give me any way of installing the Europe map I've just bought. I will give Support a call tomorrow.
Canderson; I've only had this Start 25. Purchased in August 2011, is that getting too old?
Start 25 Europe should be a NAV3 device which does connect with MyDrive now.
When your device was new it was called My TomTom Support Application (MTTSA).
Arno, thanks for that. I was concerned that with all the changes made by TomTom since I bought the Start 25 in 2011 that it might be getting too old, a la Microsoft etc..

Anyway, I worked round the problem of not linking. The device had always linked to MyDriveConnect with no problems but when I tried to update the map I had bought, it didn't show in the list of available updates. Among the help files etc I tried linking the device to a new account using another email address. This didn't in fact work either but and here is the strange bit, when I went back to square one and opened my original MyDriveConnect account there was a link to update the map!

I downloaded and installed it and everything is fine and I deleted to old map to maintain the space on the device. It seemed that my MyDriveConnect account needed a kick up the proverbial to get it to recognize the map I'd bought.

As for the advice that I should install Home 2 for the Start 25, that seems to have been wrong.

Thanks for your observations and I hope that this might help someone else with a similar problem.
Glad you gt it sorted.

I cannot see anyone in the forum having suggested to use HOME 2.
Matter in fact, dhn said in post # 2 that your getting that message must be an error.
I think he's talking about the associated email being in error.

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