Go-live 740 Active Dock for Fixed Installation???

Apr 26, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 740
Dear All,

I am trying to source one of these:


The TomTom website says that I should wait 20 days (but it has been saying this for a very long time!)

I have also spoken to DSL Developments (the UK distributor for Brodit) - who have said that there is a delay on this item.

Does anyone know if these items exist and are in stock anywhere?


Wow, I'd forgotten doing that review.... :cool:

The two mounts shown in those review pictures are still in daily use!

For the "permanent mount" I wanted to get the Go closer to me than the windscreen, but the Brodit mount for my car is not a good design - it ends up in completely the wrong place. I also didn't like any of the air-vent mounts I tried (the ones which actually grip the vanes of the vent)

So I ended up cannibalising an old GO720 mount and putting the business end of the permanent mount onto the ball end of it.


I'm still very pleased with how neat it looks and how easy it is to reach.

As for the windscreen mount with the RDS receiver, that lives in my wife's car for the times when she (rarely!) admits having a sat-nav might be useful on a long trip!

Anyway... my point is that if you can't find the actual SKU 5435, you could always get hold of a normal sucker mount and fix it onto a TomTom-sized ball from somewhere else. I'm sure Brodit and DSL do one.

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Thanks Andy_P, I didn't expect to get a reply from the writer of the article!

No, unfortunately they don't have any stock - just a website error - damn...

I'll maybe get braver and take apart my existing mount for the 740 - I guess that it must be possible to connect onto two of the pins on the multi-connector :eek: to pick up sound, I wonder if anyone has a pin-out of which two?

Thanks for all of your help.

Best wishes,


If I'm tracking you correctly in that last question -- if you have one of the 740 docks that has no 1/8" female connectors, you will also find that there are components missing on the board necessary to complete the audio. In fact, there is a signal returned to the 740 that advises that an external audio connection has been made to the dock that causes the switching of the audio to the external aux-out connection instead of using the internal speaker.

I've written down a few notes on how the dock audio interface works (somewhere). For docks that don't have the 1/8" connection, the board also is not populated with the few odd resistors, caps & etc. that complete the circuit.

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