Issues/problems with installation of map 950

Tried to update my 740TM today. As Arno reported earlier, first surprise was mandatory pushed update to Home

Next, after selecting 'internal' for update, received
"The following problem occurred. You can continue, but functionality may not be available.
The internet server had an internal error. It may be a temporary problem. Please try again later".

The url was pointing to and concluded with a 504 error.

Due to inability to access map update server, no 950 map was offered... just the usual safety cam, QuickGPSfix and Map Share updates.

Reselected "Update my GO". This time, USA & Canada 950 was offered, but it kept looking for other items, and 'Updates' continued to say "Loading" as though Home was unable to contact the server. Eventually, if failed again, this time:
"Note: A problem has occurred. You can continue, but functionality may not be available.
Error when contacting the server: The connection to the TomTom server timed out".

This time, the url was pointing to

Looks like their servers are getting buried by the traffic.

Didn't need the Map Share & etc updates, so decided to select and install just the 950 map. Will see how it goes. At least the 950 map seems to be downloading OK for now.

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