Issues/problems with install of map 940

There is a known issue where devices with 2 gb of memory can't install the map. The following is from Tomtom:
Under investigation

The issue is related to the v 940.5997 USA CAN MEXICO map which does not fit on 2GB devices ( NAV2 ).
There are no zones currently available for this particular map.
  • Customer is advised that there is not enough space to install the map, and to remove items
  • There is not enough space to install the map even with items removed, and the customer can not continue
What to do:
There is currently no work around available. I'd recommend contacting Customer Service so that we can monitor the issue and inform customers once there's a solution.
The Customer Service number is:

United States
866 486 6866
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EDT
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EDT

Try calling and reporting your problem. Also see if just a USA map can be added to your account.
As dhn helpfully suggested above, I contacted TT about this issue today re my xxl 540.

The TT tech support person I spoke with directed me to delete everything from my xxl 540 and install only the application software, new map, and a new tiny voice file that would no longer do street names but instead would just say generic things like turn left in 500 ft.

If I had complied and followed his directions, however, all other functionality would have been lost - no more POIs etc. In addition, the tech was unsure if the new map would have fit even after deleting everything else. No, the new map would NOT have fit.

Contrary to the technician at TT, as dhn has already pointed out, the USA, CAN, Mex, map will not fit on a 2 gb device.

The confusion on this issue is made worse because TT Home starts by directing to delete things in order to make more space. It had me delete fuel prices, voices, etc.

Frustratingly, TT is NOT making available the separate USA and/or other N. American maps at no charge to lifetime maps subscribers. According to the tech, they are "working on that." He had no time frame for when these sectional maps of N. America might be available, and could not say if they ever would be.

I suggested TT use home to notify people about this problem and it's status - but was told, "it is not a problem for all users."

He did agree, to email me if/when the map is made available in sectional form.

Thanks again, dhn, for being on top of this.

Why aren't zoned maps being offered for these units?
Not sure if you are familiar with the concept, but as TomTom maps grew and hit the memory wall, they began to offer map 'zones'. One can swap back and forth between zones if traveling. In your case, I'd ask TomTom to provide you with the zone that covers the eastern half of the U.S. Might be worth another call.
Canderson / Arno,

Thanks for responding.

Yes, I do understand the use of zoned maps to fit subsets of a large area into limited memory.
I purchased my xxl 540 with lifetime map updates and traffic. When I suggested to the TT tech that zoned maps be added to my TT account, he said that for now I'd either have to purchase a USA map on my own, or keep my old map. He said TT knows about this problem and is working on possibly giving zoned maps to xxl 540 lifetime map subscribers. But at this time, he said it is not being done. He offered no timeline for when it might be, and no assurance it would be.

Another call and a chat with a supervisor might get better results. But I wouldn't be happy with a one-shot update to a current USA or NE USA map. I think TT should allow lifetime map subscribers to have life of the device access to the zoned maps. I think it would work be good customer relations and a practical solution. They already have those maps created and online. And to me it would be preferable then "shrunken" versions of new maps / pois.

I wonder if it's possible to hack / solder a 4 gb sd card into an xxl 540. I saw someone did that with a TT one, but could not find anything about doing it on an xxl 540. Here it is on a Tomtom one
Hi Arno,

The "version information" page in my xxl 540 lists app version 9.510.1234792.2, OS 842337
The current map is 935
That is the up to date version for HOME devices.

It appears that the software for zoned maps so far has only been written for MyDrive devices, not HOME.
HOME doesn't really need any new software to implement this. If TomTom would, as a matter of course, make the corresponding zone maps available through Home in addition to full maps (something that is done on the server side), there would be no problem. If Home complained about space issues, then the user could copy the existing map off to hard drive, and download a zone map instead. Nothing really magic about this. The server just needs to be set up to offer both types of maps to 540 users and other 2GB units.
Actually, Home already offers some zoned maps.

On Home, the composite map is listed without charge since I have a lifetime maps subscription. It is about 60 mb too large to fit on my xxl 540. That's after removing a bunch of files.

usa, puerto rico, canada, and mex, (1841.5 mb) $0

usa, puerto rico and canada 1691.6 mb, $50 (would fit)
usa, puerto rico, WITHOUT canada 1738 mb $50 (would fit)

Which makes me curious....
Why is the zoned map with Canada smaller then the one WITHOUT Canada?
Within it's covered areas, is just that the POI database more extensive in the usa, puerto rico version? Or is the road coverage different too?
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I would expect Tomtom to have quick fix for the problem. After all, I paid for lifetime maps, i.e. the lifetime of the device support...At least I´d expect a map with US and Canada which would fit (not only for 940 but also...a lifetime long).
Map Zones.jpg

The 'zoned' maps aren't quite what you're imagining, Harry, though what you're describing would also serve this purpose.
To see what 'zones' look like for North America, I've provided a screen shot, above, from another device, using MyDrive (since my Nav2 devices don't show zones - plenty of memory):
I would go along with the number of POIs.
Until a year ago when the basic number changed I used to supply the crpoi file for others to download as it wasn't offered for 2 GB devices even most had space on their 4/8 GB SD cards.

Have you called a supervisor and asked if they could 'downgrade' your subscription to the lesser $50 map
usa, puerto rico and canada 1691.6 mb
I would expect Tomtom to have quick fix for the problem. After all, I paid for lifetime maps, i.e. the lifetime of the device support...At least I´d expect a map with US and Canada which would fit (not only for 940 but also...a lifetime long).
This is the response I received from Tomtom Support:
As per your e-mail I understand that you are facing issues with installing the map update (940) on your device due to not having enough memory on the device.
Many apologies for the inconvenience caused. Please be rest assured that I will try my best to sort this out for you
In order to resolve the issue I request you to please follow the following troubleshooting steps as mentioned below:-

I trust the information mentioned above will be helpful to resolve your issue.
Did it work?
I´ll be on the road for a while starting tomorrow and I don´t have the time to try it (and chat with the service if it doesn´t work 100%) until I´ll be back. They also said they´re working on a general solution...

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