Issues/problems with install of map 940

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Man - that's a lot of USB devices in the main list.

So far, so good. Win8 is/was recognizing your 540 as a 'Mass Storage Device', just as it should, and is attempting to control it using usbstor.sys, also good. It just doesn't like the way the content 'looks'. As such, it should be willing to reformat it if shown as "Connected".

Problem. It's showing as "Connected: NO". What happens when you plug/unplug your 540? Any change in status by this app?
Guess we need to talk about 'dings', then! When connecting, do you get ONLY the lower to higher two dings (connected)? Or is that followed by the higher to lower dings (disconnected)?
I also note that according to the utility, Windows hasn't seen your 540 'connected' since 11/30/14. So whatever you are 'hearing' for dings, it isn't the "TomTom ONE XXL IQ Rts" device that is being recognized. You have, for example, an 'Unknown' device or two in that list. Please watch the full list carefully to see which device is showing up as "Connected - Yes" when you plug in the 540.
I removed the UNKNOWNS and rebooted. They did not appear again. I then plugged in the TomTom into each of the 3 USB ports on this Dell laptop. I then had 3 failures: Device Descriptor Request Failed on port 1, 2 and 4.

When I plug in another USB devise on any of these 3 ports it is recognized immediately. I did get the dings up and down - connected and disconnected BUT only when I have removed these 3 errors. I still get the error though that the device is not recognized and has failed.
And, unfortunately I will be leaving for family meet for Christmas Eve. Here for a little bit yet otherwise in maybe 5 hours or tomorrow. At this rate, since the 540 isn't even recognized at all, it may be just time to chuck it in the garbage and buy another one, quite possibly another brand as I feel sorta burned with this.
In fact, why don't you go to the tab labeled "Options", and uncheck "Display Disconnected Devices" now. Those that aren't being used are just cluttering things up. We need to see *which* device in the list is being referenced when you plug in the 540. From there, we can probably resolve this.
I see we cross-posted. Yeah, I have some things I need to deal with as well in the next little while, but I'll be on for the rest of today from time to time, and probably until around noon tomorrow when all work here will grind to a halt for a bit.
No need to uninstall anything, but when you get the low to high ding indicating a USB connection, something should be appearing in the list. It may not be a 'recognizable' device, but it should still appear, just as some of your other 'unknowns' did in the past.

IF the utility displays nothing at all, then (and I can't recall where all this thread has gone) I'd see if someone with an XP machine has any different experience at all when it's plugged in to see if we can do any good on something other than Win8 about regaining control of the unit.
Just out of curiosity - Windows hasn't 'seen' that device connected via USB since 11/30/14. Does that sound right???
Not really sure when I updates but that could be correct. Just gave up on it after charging in my daughters car, prior to that it just would not stay on, got the drums a few times then just booted to the start screen and fade to black.
I'm on my way out now so I'll check back later, thanks for all your help so far and have a Merry Christmas!

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