GPS for Bikers

Sep 30, 2012
TomTom Model(s)

I am a biker and am into waterproof GPS's built for motorbikes. I once bought a TT about 10 years ago and I swayed over to Garmin as it has a planning tool and TT gave me problems crossing boarders.

Now, a decade later Garmin seems to be sleeping on the job and I thought I'd give TT a look see.

So is TT Rider 2 still the TT to have for a bike? Does TT have a planning tool like Garmin has its Mapsource and/or Basecamp? Does TT have normal BT connections for helmet headsets and intercom systems?

Advice appreciated ;)
Welcome to TTF.

I've renamed your thread and moved it to a forum where there may be more visibility (and answers)
Hi,dear all,

I am a newer,i also want to buy gps.
What GPS should i buy?

Any adivce is helpful

Thank you in advance
Depends upon your needs. I see that an older model (XXL540) is available in China as well as newer models such as the Via 125 and the Go 1050.

My preference if you don't need LIVE services is the 540. More features. User has access to the file system. Can use Home 2. And I see the 540 in China comes with split screen functionality.
I wonder if 'entraca wei' is also a biker (recalling how this thread started)?
Good Day,

The TT Rider 2 is made for motorcycles but in my opinion it is not worth the cost to have on my bike. I know of several bikers that only use it to 1) get to some place they have never been or more likely 2) after a day of pleasure riding and you are tired you just want to get back home.
For that I picked up a cheap Go 720 on eBay and spent good money on the mount for the bike. A $0.10 baggie does wonders if you ride in the morning or may get into some rain.
Again just my opinion and some guys I know that ride with GPS units.

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