Need to replace gps

Aug 11, 2020
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TomTom Model(s)
tomtom xxl
I have a xxl. I like most of the features it has like adjustable speed poi alerts that it save and applies to all routes. Easy to save favorites. the lifetime maps and traffic are a must. I do like the bigger screens and the larger fonts one the newer models. The poi search on the old models worked well to. Hotel/Motels, restaurants it would locate even by name along route. I would like at least a 6" screen.
I'm afraid all the newer Tomtom models no longer have many of the features that made the older ones so good. You CAN get lifetime maps and traffic in some. See the Go Supreme below for example:

But you can't add custom pois or show them on route. There ARE pois imbedded in the maps that can be searched for on the device.
I've looked at other brands friends had before but was not impressed. But I may have to look agian.
The GO 620 allows for custom POI to be sent to the device, and viewed on the screen while driving.
The Supreme didn't allow for that using MDW?

The GO 620 is a nice 6" device that might suit your needs.

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