GO 950 MP3 Player - Where is it?

Jan 17, 2010
Hello everyone

I just got my new GO 950 Live and also bought a 16GB SD Card for all my mp3 to listen to in the car. For some reason I convinced myself there was an mp3 player installed on the GO 950 Live but there isn't one!!!

What can I do? Can I install a third party mp3 software? I'm absolutely devastated, because I did read one of the ealy reviews of the product and they suggested buying the GO 950 Live instead of the other versions because of the additional map coverage and MP3 player installed

Can anyone help or suggest software I can install for mp3 capability?


The 950 along with all the other x50 devices do not have the mp3 player or the FM Transmitter capabilities, there are third party add ons such as Mobile Nova that should offer media player support but its not gauranteed to work and any future updates to the Navcore can break the third party add ons such as this.

If the mp3/ FM Tx is so important try and return it then purchase the 940 which will do everything you want even though it is last years top of the range model its a more capable device when it comes to the extras, OK so its not got Navcore 9 but thats no big deal and a future update will possibly resolve that - Mike
I'm interested in this as I have just bought a GO 750.

Would a third party media player restore the FM functionality or just allow the mp3s to play on the Tomtom speaker. I've seen a few posts on this but can't figure out if the FM hardware is still built in and just disabled in software, or whether it's been removed completely. (I nearly bought a 730 but was swayed by the 750's mount which I think is one of the best out there.)
If you open up the 940 which was the only x40 device to have mp3 player AND FM Tx you will find one of these:

If you open up the 950 guess what? that little PCB is missing, sure the slots in the case where the PCB would clip in are present but the PCB is missing.

Just in case you haven't worked out what the above PCB actually does - Guess what? yup thats the FM Tx unit so there is no way to get the FM Tx working on the 540, 749, 550, 750 or 950 as the hardware is missing, if mp3 player and FM Tx is important see if you can purchase a 940 from somewhere in Europe - Mike
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when go 950 in usa?

anybody knows when the go 950 or the go 940 will be available in the usa? and if the go 950 us version will be the same as the european one with neither mp3 player nor fm transmitter?
I've been patiently (and growing more impatient) waiting for a 940. It's disappointing to see that the 950 is a hardware downgrade from the 940.

Nothing announced so far. Tomtom tends to release models in April and October of each year, so those are the months to pay attention.

There are rumors that some live services roam into the US on a European 940. If someone confirms that traffic roams, I may mail order a 940 from Europe, this US delay is getting kind of silly.

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