Using GO 950 Live Charger Cable with TomTom 6100

Jul 30, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
GO 950 Live - TomTom GO 6100
TomTom 6100 has one charging cable, so would need to carry it from the car to a computer.

Is it safe for the 6100 to use the cable from a GO 950 Live to charge it in the car?
You can try it. Doesn't the 6100 connect to a mount in the car and the cable connects to the mount?
The cable connects to the mount.

The 6100 also has a socket same as the mount for connecting to a computer but what a faff having to remove the cable to use in different situations
Well, it should work then. But make sure you are using the cig lighter outlet in the car, not a usb port. That doesn't provide sufficient power (.5A is all it provides) to do the job required.
Thanks for the replies

Will try the 6100 lead with the 950 for an hour and if it hasn't melted will swap.
That 950 cable should work perfectly well.
what you do not want to do, is to leave the device in the cradle and the attach the cable to the PC.
Saw about the cradle, which is odd as the 950 has a charging dock which is basically a cradle?
Have a look at the different connections between the two.

The actual USB socket is the same for both but on the 6100 the plug powers the multi connector.
Different size mini USB so 10 GBP for cable to use with computer, too much of a faff otherwise.
I think the only difference is that one is a right angle micro USB connector and the other is a straight one. If it fits, it works, provided the current source is adequate.
Hmmm.. I'd swear that the 950 vehicle dock does use a mini, not a micro. The 6100 certainly uses a micro. I'm confused.
950 has plug in centre and 6100 has plug on right, the compact charger from the local shop came with cables with both types


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