Using MyDrive to populate My Places

Apr 26, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
Hi All,
I have just started entering places on my new VIA 52 and then needed to edit one of the places. However, I can't seem to see how I can list those destinations I have already entered, far less edit them.
I tried doing this through MyDrive and I can update and buy stuff but I can't seem to be able to access the destinations on my device.

We have been asking for Editing of addresses in MyDrive ever since that started.

My work-around is to open MyDrive, open Favourites, click a point on the map where the correct place should be, click the menu dots, click 'ADD TO MY PLACES', give it the name of the 'to be edited' place, click DONE and click the trash can next to the wrong entry.
Since MyDrive will sync with your device, it should be corrected there when you look.

Sounds cumbersome but it is very fast actually doing it.
Thank you for your prompt response. I have been able to the work using the browser version of MyDrive. The installed app does not give an option of MyPlaces or Favourites though. In fact I'm a bit unhappy with the device at the moment, It might be me, but I thought the old Home 2 worked just fine. When I look at the mileages that my destinations have they are way out. It knows my home location is the zero point, but my destinations in London is 111 miles but shows as 86 miles on the via.
I don't know why it happens but it could be to avoid traffic.

Check on Goggle maps With Traffic off and again with switched to on to see if there is a change.
May be instead of the A1(M) they picked the M11 ???

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