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Dec 3, 2007
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Why is the GO 52 that I just bought brand new identified in my TomTom account as a VIA 53? Is that really a european model rebadged in the US as a GO 52? The name convensions that TomTom uses on their equipment is really confusing. You buy a unit labeled on way and then they call it something else. I'll admit that if you search for support for a GO 52 on TomTom's web site nothing comes up that's useful. I found that curious when I was searching for a copy of the owners manual but it didn't seem to exist. Any help deciphering this is appreciated.
I assume your model's serial number starts with 'ZL' which, indeed, is known as a Via 53 model in Europe. Here's a link to that user guide:

You may want to call support and see if they can provide a live link to a Go 52 guide that works since the Tomtom site is all screwed up regarding finding actual user manuals. Don't think there is much difference, if any, between the two guides:

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, the serial no. does start with ZL. I definitely agree with you about the state of the TomTom web site. It is very confusing and as you said, finding manuals is nearly impossible. I was able to dowload the VIA 35 manual. My real question is why do they do that? When I check the About/System page on the unit it does say it's a Go 52, but in TomTom's system it's called a VIA 35. Makes no sense to me!
The same product is often offered in different markets with slightly different names by TT. This has been going on for quite some time.
If I have my magic decoder ring squared up, your GO 52 (aka Via 53 in the EU) has a capacitive screen and uses WiFi for updates.
I see you own(ed) a GO 2505. In Australia and New Zealand, it was known as the GO 1050. It does keep life interesting.

I'm curious -- where did you find your GO 52?
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Thanks for the reply. I bought it at Best Buy. The Parker, CO store had three of them. Most of the stores around here have only the VIA 1525M left in stock. From all appearances Best Buy looks to be discontinuing TomTom. A check of their web site shows most of them are sold out and the salesman at the store Friday night told me that that they cannot be ordered and are not available.
Surprised that the Parker store still has GO 52's on the shelf. Thought that those 52s were pretty well sold all the way through the distribution channel. I'd hang on to the 52 until you can get things squared away with tech support. Pretty good bang for the buck for a GPSr.
Just go off the phone with tech support. They said that my lifetime services weren't activated. He activated them and sent me an email on how to proceed. I asked why that didn't happen automatically when I registered the unit but I'm not quite sure I understood his reply. I guess I'll try it again and see what happens. I'll let you know. Thanks again for your assistance.
Would be curious to see what instructions they sent. Can you copy/past the email contents here?
I'll try. I set it up again following the instructions and now my MyDrive app says that my traffic and red light camera subscription expires 1/21/25. It still says that my device is not compatible with hands free calling and messaging. I'm assuming that is the date that they're considering end of life for this model.

One more question that just came to mind. Can the pointer that shows direction be modified? On my GO 2505 I had a photo of my car.
Hmmm, yes, I could read the pdf just fine. Interesting that it was necessary to perform a hard reset on the device to get the traffic operational. Glad they sorted it for you.

No, these newer units do not have the ability to change the icon for your position. Sorry about that.
That's too bad, but I suspected it as I've seen no mention anywhere about customizing the position marker. One thing I do like about this unit though is that they put a compass back into the display. Now if they would add altitude it would really be great.
Just a quick update to all the troubles on this thread. I returned the GO 52 (AKA VIA 53,) yesterday. It was working OK but I didn't like the clip on mount. Ordered a new GO 520 directly from TomTom for the same price that I payed for the GO 52. Will have to wait and see what kind of issues this one will come up with. Stay tuned.
You'll just LOVE the magnetic mount.
Strong enough for the device not to drop on a potholy road but easy one hand removal from the windscreen suction mount, twisting the top towards yourself.
Got the new GO 520 yesterday and so far I am much happier with it than I was with the GO 52. It even connected to my TomTom account and gave me the correct lifetime maps and traffic without a call to tech support.
Glad to hear that. That's how it typically goes. As Arno says, I think you'll like this mount a lot better, too.

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