Ok, buying a new map - confusing options!!

Feb 29, 2008
After helpful info from dhn and pianoCM I've decided it's finally worthwhile buying a new map.

This is where it gets confusing. I have an email from TomTom a couple of weeks old, offering $20 off on the latest update to my original map in the Canadian map shop. I follow the link and it takes me to a page offering the the map for $69.95, it does not say which currency so I assume it's C$.

Then I connect my 720 to my PC, open up my TomTom home and a window pops up offering the latest maps, I click on it and it shows the latest map for EUR 39.80 and 6 new maps spread over 18 months for an additional EUR 39.80, a total just over 105C$

Then I go to tomtom site, click on the purchase maps, check out which device I have etc., pick the 2GB North America map and I get a page offering the 8.45 map for 64.95 GBP.

I want the latest map, I'd sooner download it and install it manually if possible, but I also want the best price. The website is confusing, seeming to give different prices depending how you navigate through the maps.

The 18 month deal seems pretty good, but reading the sticky on this I'm only more confused, as it looks like this is not supposed to be for NA users, but I get this option when I go through my TT home.

Any advice here on the best way to get the latest map?

update: I called the toll free support #, went through the prompts etc till I got to my model (go720) and in no time was talking to a real person. So far so good. Then it went downhill from there. I told her I had an email quoting me $20 off the latest canadian map, she said she was unaware of such an email, "but thats a good price".

I told her it was quoted in $, not EUR or GBP, but didnt say if it was US$ or C$. She said it was "probably US$" but wasn't sure.

I asked which was the best way to go, through the email/web page or through TT Home, she said TT Home, but make sure I clicked on the "english" option otherwise I would be charged a couple of dollars for the transaction conversion. I told her there was no english option and she had no answer as to why.

I then asked if the 18 months coverage for 12 months price was applicable in Canada, because I had read somewhere (here) that it was not always the case. She said that if it was showing up, it has to be available, and just to make sure I had the latest map before I bought that service. I said that they were both being offered at the same time, and would that work, but she didn't understand what I was trying to tell her.

I said then that I'd prefer to download it and install manually rather than let it update via TT Home, she said yes I could to that, but to make sure I went through TT Home to do it.

At this point it was clear she was more confused than I was, so I thanked her for her time and hung up.
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Why not just purchase the 4 yearly updates for your TT, these are considerably cheaper than a whole new map and I would think it would serve the same purpose a lot cheaper, might check into this.........

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