Difficulty installing map updates due to space

Oct 16, 2012
quebec canada
TomTom Model(s)
go 630
Hi I just purchased a map update for my device,and I'm having a hell of a time to install it on my tom tom go. Tom Tom Home says that I don't have enough room but I can install zones instead of the whole map but whenever i try to find information to install zones a hit a wall. I only want to install a zone that covers Eastern US and Canada. I already have a 128 mb sd card in my device, how big of an sd card can I use on my device? I'm going nuts, have been at this for about 2 hours! I dread each time I have to update my device, please help me!
With a Go 630, you can have a SDHC (not SD) card up to 32 gb in size (though that is overkill). You want the fastest speed possible (class 6+).

A 128 mb sized card is essentially useless. Even a zoned map is larger than that.

So, get yourself a 4 or 8 gb sdhc card and you should have no problems installing a zoned map. In fact, the entire North_America map easily fits on a 4 gb sdhc card.

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