Installing South Africa Map as well as Europe

May 23, 2015
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Go Live 1005
I'm totally new to using more than one map.
I have a tom tom go live 1005 with Western Europe on it, and I want to ADD Sotuh AFrica for when we go there next month, but not take off Western Europe unless I have to.

I have enough space it would seem

How does this work? will I have to choose maps when I turn on? or will it see both and respond to say "leeds" with the europe map and "Durban" with the South Africa?

A step through of how it works would be great - starting with installing the second map
In Settings there should be one called 'Switch maps' it then will show you all the maps on your device.
Once, for testing, I had seven maps between the internal and the SD card.

If you look at My Content in MyDrive Connect it should show you how much free space there is. Compare it to the size of the South Africa map.
Thanks mate, will try that and get back to the forum if I need more help - sounds straightforward enough

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