Downloading/Installing POI's?

Nov 9, 2008
I just picked up a VIA 1505 to replace an older TomTom that was stolen.

I remember being able to download POI's from some website and then install them on my device through windows explorer by dropping them in the TomTom folder.

Am I able to do the same thing with the VIA 1505? When I plug it into my computer it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer.

I've got a 16GB SD card installed in the device.
You can install custom poi files which reside on your computer using the Manage Community content link in the MyDrive desktop's icon when you connect the 1505 to the computer and have MyDrive running. Get it at

You do NOT use Home with the 1505 model. Further, you can transfer custom poi files from an existing device to the 1505 using the Content Transfer Assistant. Get it at: Assistant

Finally, do NOT use the same email address for the 1505 as you used for an older model. You must use a duifferent one.
Unless the blighter who stole his unit returns it, I don't think he'll be using Transfer Assistant :mad:

If you have not already installed MyDrive (the replacement for Home), you should obtain it here >>>
Once you have done that, you will interact with MyDrive through a browser window. The program will also install an icon in your systray that, when right clicked with your 1505 connected, will bring up "Manage community content". That will bring up your browser screen and the option to "Add POI". You will want to add both your *.ov2 POI file and any associated *.bmp POI icon file that you may have to go with it.
IF you do not see the POI available (e.g., Drive to / Point of Interest / POI near you / More / in the alphabetic list) on the 1505 after a power cycle, you may need to reboot the 1505 to get the POI to appear.
Finally, do NOT use the same email address for the 1505 as you used for an older model. You must use a different one.
The new eMail address with which to register the 1505 does not have to be a real one if you do not have a second one.

TomTom's communications with you will remain on the eMail address you had been using. The different address is just for the sake of signing in to their web page to get updates specific for that device as registered.
Thanks for the help guys. My other TT was quite old, I forget the exact model now but it was quite basic.

I don't recall which email addy I used for the old one but there is a strong possibility that I've used the same email for both devices....what is the issue in doing so?? I can guarantee I won't be getting it back lol.... doesn't matter, it barely worked anymore and wouldn't hold a charge without the cable plugged in.

as it does turn out though I was able to dig up my old POI files and get them loaded onto my new device save a few that are really out of date since POIFriend shut down :(
Same places as you would have for your older unit. Can provide urls if needed. Typing from phone, so no joy here at the moment.
heh, phone typing, even on modern smartphones it still sucks. Some address' might help though, The only place I got stuff from before was poifriend which obviously is no longer an option.

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