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Jan 6, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
via 1535 and 1605 TM
Hi. I have a tomtom via 125(1535) and I am trying to install My Drive program onto my computer. I keep getting error 0x015002. My computer is an older HP with Windows Vista. I have a new laptop I got for Christmas running windows 8. I was able to load My Drive onto it, but when I click the update notification it quickly goes to a chrome window and then to the start window with all of the program icons on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
As to the former, we'd need to know a lot more about the system to sort that out. That said, and given your brief description, I suspect that the error is actually 0x0150002.
Give this link a try, particularly as you get to "What is next" and you can try the installation again. >>>

As to the latter, when you click the update notification, MyDrive opens a browser window to talk to the server back at TomTom. Again, it should start up with a page pointing to the TomTom url. Is that not the case?
Thanks for the quick reply, In windows 8 they have a new start window with a bunch of icons for programs and apps. I am not familiar with this OS and when I click on the pop up icon for MyDrive it causes the window to quickly go to a Chrome window and then to the start window. I lose my relationship with MyDrive, I was able to do all new downloads except the map. I have tried everything I could think of with no success,
Thank you. I did that and got the same results. I am going back to Best Buy and see if they can help,
What happens if you have the browser already open before you connect your device and click on the systray icon (or popup, if it already appears) for the MyDrive update? What should happen is that another browser tab opens up for MyDrive in the existing open browser.
I have been told that Chrome and MSIE are structurally very much alike.
Try Firefox. I use it and typically have have 12 - 20 taps open 24/7 and leave MyDrive Connect open.

Also been told that the free Windows 8.1 upgrade restores some of the 'Start' button of Win7.
Maybe someone actually using 8.1 cold confirm or deny.
Windows 8.1 doesn't fix the problem -- it just brings back the Start button, but with no Start menu. However, if you right-click the new Start button, you'll get a context menu that allows you to work with Programs and Features, Power Options, Event Viewer, Device Manager, Network Connections, Disk Management, PowerShell, File Explorer, Control Panel, Shutdown, and more. So at least it is an improvement.

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