Cannot activate lifetime maps code

Feb 4, 2012
United States
TomTom Model(s)
Via 1505 TM
Hi: New to the forum with my first post. I have the VIA 1505 TM which I got specifically for the lifetime maps. I have installed (and reinstalled) My TomTom on a MacBook running OS 10.5.8. The My TomTom application correctly recognizes my TomTom model which has been registered for a couple of months. My overview reads:

"Your navigation device is up to date. There are no updates waiting for installation."

If I go to the green My TomTom in the upper right hand corner I can use overview, manage content, etc. except for activate code. Clicking this option leads to a dead end telling me to install the My TomTom application, which I have already done (twice). So, I currently have no way to activate the Lifetime Maps activation code. It seems obvious that I am using an old map since I have the Oct 2011 version (v880.3848) and they are supposed to be updated every three months.

I appreciate any assistance.
Activate the code by calling CS at 866-486-6866. Doing it online is supposed to work, but rarely does.

If you have version 880, it was released on November 16th, 2011. Version 885 is due within a week or so.
If you have version 880, it was released on November 16th, 2011. Version 885 is due within a week or so.
FWI, TomTom released the version 8.80 maps in November, but when you look at the date of the map file installed on your GPS, it will show an October 2011 date for the v8.80 map.

It's a small detail, but one with the potential to cause confusion. If the OP has an October 2011 map on his GPS, that truly is the latest map until TomTom releases version 8.85, which will probably be within the next week or two if they follow historic patterns.

- Tom -

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