Cannot load new maps

Jul 6, 2019
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TomTom Model(s)
No Idea - box long discarded
The TOM TOM seems to have a serious design flaw: if the SD card is mover half full, there is no way of updating the maps. I tried to upload the new maps , but this was blocked 'insufficient space'. I tried to put in a new, larger, empty SD card but the unit then won't start, as it doesn't have any maps. If I copy the data onto a new SD card, as a FAT file system, the card is rejected - presumably for some stupid anti-cloning reason, and finally if I clone the card onto a larger card, the file system is still too small to accept the new maps. So was the original purchase, with life-time maps support, just a con?
I won't even start on a company "Using open-source software" and claiming to support the open-source community who do not open their update protocol for Linux users, and are technically incapable of writing their custom update tool (HOME) in a portable language. I just won't go there ...
You don't say how big the SD card is, how much space remains, nor the size of the map you are trying to download.
We can help to identify your device .. just give us the first two characters of the serial number and we can take it from there. Will definitely help us in our troubleshooting.

Meanwhile... two possible approaches:

1) Connect the device to MyDrive. Use MyDrive to try to uninstall the existing map from the SD card, then install the new map to the SD card.
2) Ignore the fact that there will be a 'No maps found' error when you power on the device, and just go ahead and connect it with MyDrive and see if you can install the new map on the larger card.
Serial is QR6205F.....
May be GO5000 but that is a number from the unit :)
SD card is 16G, from linux properties filesystem carries about 8G (in 4 files)
Loth to uninstall the existing maps (without a backup SD card) as I end up without a satnav at all, not just one that doesnt know the new roads!
Will try to work on copied card - just putting windows disk in laptop.
Thank you for your rapid response.
The map update (yes, it has just taken 4 hours for mydrive to update the navcore - this is again typical performance - is 8707MB
It is MyDriveConnect that you use. Go to the 'Content' tab and it'll show the installed map(s). There should be a button to 'uninstall' for each map. Do NOT uninstall all the maps or the device will not boot properly.
The map update (yes, it has just taken 4 hours for mydrive to update the navcore - this is again typical performance - is 8707MB
Yes, the QR is a GO 5000 with 8GB internal. That explains why you're into SD card territory here. The maps just keep getting bigger. 8707MB will be both Navcore and map combined.
What map(s) were already on the unit when all of this started?

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