Cannot load .ov2 file

Feb 18, 2012
Perth Australia
TomTom Model(s)
720 go 820 go
I tried to load and transfer an .ov2 file by using MyDrive Connect. It appears the file has loaded however, when I log onto MyDrive, the file does not show up.I cannot transfer it to my 820 and tells me that device is up to date. Any idea's? Can supply additional info if required.
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Does the 820 use MyDriveConnect? If so, what did you use to transfer the file, 'manage community content'?
Yes, the 820 is a Nav3 device, so it will use MyDrive Connect.

Let's take this from step 1. First, I can't get the MyDrive web page to add a POI to these Nav3 devices either, even though it appears that it should work. Here's how we've been doing it here.

After connecting your 820, the MyDrive Connect app should appear. Ignore it.

In the lower right corner of your screen (systray), look for your MyDrive icon. Right click it and select "Manage community content"
Your browser will pop up a screen showing the custom POI content on your 820, if there is any already loaded. If not, you'll be adding the first one to the list!
Select the "Add POI" button, browse to the *.ov2 file on your PC, and select "Open" and then "Install" Your 820 should also quickly report "Updating your device", and later "Finished updating your device"
That should do it.
Hi "canderson", thank you for your explanation. Your system works!. Best regards from Perth Western Australia.
It has been a very frustrating couple of hours, unfortunately, TomTom software is NOT the most user friendly. Just as well we have people like yourself on the forum!
If you're ever curious to know what's actually on your unit in the way of POI files, while it's connected, throw this url into your browser:
Your 820 is actually a little mini-server.

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