TomTom: Rider 550 cannot connect to Home 2

Jun 20, 2019
<img src="/styles/default/custom/flags/gr.png" alt="Greece" /> Greece
TomTom Model(s)
rider 550
Tomtom rider 550 cannot connect to Home 2 with windows 10,windows 7
I can use Mydrive online and send pois and destinations from to the device with it connected to the PC,
the tomtom detects the PC
I have reset the Rider 550 4 times and i have connect them in 3 computers with windows 10 and 1 with w7
i put the drivers of pc mydrive app
The problem is the same
Can i manually download the official Greek speed radar pois and manually insert with
The Rider 550 cannot be used with Home, it must be used only through MyDrive Connect and the MyDrive Web interface. Home only works with previous generations of TomTom devices.

I assume your 'Greek speed radar' is a standard *.ov2 TomTom POI file. If so, you upload these using the MyDrive Web site using the "IMPORT POI FILE" feature.

Be sure the account name you use at MyDrive is the same as you have used on your device. The server at TomTom will then send the *.ov2 file to your device.

thanks for the answer
I want the official tomtom Mobile camera alerts pois
i have in my Greek map the speed camera pois
how activate the tomtom Mobile camera alerts?
I thought it was in the options of support
another question
how do I get a bmp file on a custom poi?
my device has only a few squares with differents collor
ιn old devices you simply took the ov2 and bmp files together in map folder
(Unless you have a TomTom Bridge, but I suspect that those cost a small fortune!.)


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