Problems with connecting a 2nd hand TomTom Rider 2nd Edition to my account.

Jul 17, 2018
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TomTom Rider 2nd edition
Noob question.

I just got a used TomTom Rider 2nd Edition.
I have problems getting in connected to my account.
I have followed every step on the web page to instal "Home" and also connected the TT to my pc etc.
I can easy oppdate it, and remove content. But when im buying new map, and trying to go to payment, a error pops up.
Message is that " failur to connect to server" and "your unit is not connectet to your account".

The one i got this from, sold it to me after her husband passed away, and have no way of getting this disconnected from his account.

I did search the website for any quick fix for this but no.

Is there anyway of doing this with serieal number somewhere? Or is it realy this pain in the ... ? :rolleyes:

PS: When the page pops up where you can connect my account to "&" TomTom Rider unit i cant go forward from there. no where to press "OK" etc. only "Change unit" under the picture. That does nothing other then disconnect my GPS from my pc.




Call support to straighten things out but do not reply with a model when asked to ensure a live agent responds:

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Are you using the account email and password from the previous owner? If it's already been registered and you don't have that information, tech support will have to straighten that out for you.

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