Problems with Home and a full SD Card

Aug 21, 2020
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Mazda MB1
Hi all.
I'm hoping someone can help. My 2014 Mazda NB1 system needs a map update and after struggling with Home on my Mac I've finally got it working. Unfortunately the SD card wasn't recognised and after following the instructions (remove loopdir folder and reload in car) the sat nav now can't find a map!! Trying to copy the loopier folder back into the SD card is impossible as it keeps saying there's not enough space. I've tried removing the install TomTom Home.dmg file and the Install TomTom Home.exe file to free up space but that doesn't seem to make any difference and now I can't copy them back either. Is it possible to copy all the files to my mac, reformat the card and reload them? At my wits end. Can anyone help or does anyone know where I can buy a replacement SD card with updated map of Europe?
Be aware that because you are using a Mac, everything you connect has its own trash can. You can delete all of the files from an SD card or thumb drive and still have no space ... because the trash can is local to the SD card, not kept on the PC. So be sure you empty the trash can ON the SD card by emptying it with the card plugged in and see if that provides you with enough space to get the job done. If not, check back with us.
Meanwhile, please do NOT format anything just yet, especially since maps are at issue at the present time.

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