UK TT GO 730; Mac - problems with TT Home & updates

Sep 18, 2009
South Buckinghamshire, UK
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730
Hi there

I was a user of TT on a PDA for many years. Then thought it would be good to have a dedicated TT so bought the TT GO 730. Had it about a year. Remember setting up TT Home and there being one or two buggy things, but nothing that stopped me using the unit OK.

However, just bought the RDS-TMS Traffic Receiver and it says you must have latest TT Home software on computer (Mac). So, connected the unit to the computer - it comes up with 2 things:

1) Update available - says its the phones database, so I click OK, looks like it's updating but then returns a message saying it's not an update for my device.
2) Get an update available message for TT Home, which I click OK to but then after a couple of seconds it returns a message to say "cannot update TT Home"

Anyway, being a Mac, the version of TT Home is "1.5 - Build 106 (Mar 15 2007 14:56:14)"
The version of my TT application on the unit is 8.001. Having looked up what the updates are, it would appear that I need 8.010 which gives me the RDS-TMS USB functionality, but I can't seem to get this to update to that version - as I say, all it offers is the 'phones database' update?

I've read through some of the posts but am a little nervous of deleting files directly off the unit as I don't want to lose my favourites that I've got on the unit (I have done a backup using TT Home, but if I start again with that, I might lose the backup?).

Hopefully someone can help me sort this out as otherwise I love using the unit and wouldn't be without it!

Many thanks!
You are correct that to use the RDS-TMC (I assume its a mini USB style receiver) that you need at least 8,010 although if I were you I would update to 8,351 which is currently the latest available for your device. I have included a couple of direct links for you to download the software:



Once downloaded to your computer you need to extract the files from the download directly to the device, for a PC I would recommend using WinRar, for a mac I am not too sure but I will ask one of the others to have a look at the thread and offer some additional info.

This method negates the need to use TomTom Home - Mike
Your problem is that HOME is too old to self-update itself.

Uninstall your version of HOME, and download the latest one here. Then you'll be able to run the application update.

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