730 backup/restore and mac osx (mac users needed)

Dec 8, 2008
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GO 730
Please help me out here, this is my first post. I know the post seems long but please bear with me.

I am unsure how to make a backup using mac osx (10.4.11). Support at TomTom told me you can only keep one backup of ur device. Is this true?
I did the only thing I can think of in order to back it up manually. When I connect my TomTom to the dock, and it shows up on my desktop as "internal" I copied all of the files from that folder and made a new folder and placed them into that onto my desktop. The folder contains sub folders such as art, asr, audiobooks, bin, contacts, etc.

Anybody on here that uses a Mac? Can you just throw away all the files from the device after you copied them and replace them with the files from your original setup when purchased? Does it work just like a hard drive when it is connected to ur mac via the dock? (Is it ("internal") editable?, obviously I don't want to try it out and mess with it) I just dont want to deal with Navcore 8.3 problems but I do want to get the LMG.

Is this all I need to do? Because I want to get the latest map guarantee but in order to do that I have to upgrade to 8.3 and then install 8.15 map version. Then I want to go back to my original setup. How should I do this?

Less important: Also what is the difference between backup and copy to computer in Home? Can you use copy to computer to save your files or will this copy over your backup as well? I know in copy to computer it allows you to select only certain items you want but is there any other difference? I am using Home

Thanks for your help in advance. Sorry for the novel of a post. My map guarantee is ending in a few days so prompt help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks again and Happy New Year fellow TomTomers!
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Hi there..I'm a Mac:D ...Yes, when you connect the TT to your Mac, you will see the "internal" drive show up. You can make as many copies of the contents of this "drive" as you want. Simply "command-a" (select all) and drag to a folder on your Mac. Yes you can replace as you see fit with original files. If you want to run 8.15 maps you must have 8.3. If you want to just download the 8.15 maps and not install them you can do this as well. Back-up in Home is not as complete. I did this when I first got my device and still have that copy as well, though it is unnecessary. Use the finder to backup vs. Home (if you use Home it will write the back-up to a folder in Documents...if you rename that folder you can do more than one back-up with home).

Oh yeah...get an SD card and put everything on that. Has much more room than the internal drive for extra POIs, mp3s, etc.

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