XXL (TOTAL) of the list of things ... every thing ... that is 'planted' in the update

Aug 18, 2009
My XXL's list was shortened by the owner that I bought my XXL from;;did not notice to check with him before he left.

If you have the totals, please advise. I already work with my trips, etc . ... so only need the whole section .. with daily things that are inserted.
Elgin, Texas
75 stroke ... got hard time using my body parts

I am struggling mightily to understand what you're hoping we can do for you.

What "list" was shortened?
What "totals" are you hoping we can supply?
What "whole section"?

If you've got some missing files or whatnot, please describe what the unit does / does not do, and we'll do our best to fix you up with whatever you need.
Old question, but like Canderson, I have no idea what the OP wanted.
I do, however, have a XXL550. So if the OP is still looking for some help /infomation, please clarify as Canderson asked...
He never replied to my question to his post here.

A year ago, via eMail, I gave him the Tyre routes from his home to the hospital and back again, avoiding Interstates, as requested. Supplied Google Street view pics for every turn.

After his visit he told me that he had found an easier route on his own, using a couple of direct Interstates!

Still have all the documentation as it was a challenge to me with new route alignments shown on the map but most street views still showing the old ones.

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