XXL 540S WTE - Totally hosed

Dec 5, 2010
I am in panic mode. I ordered a XXL 540 WTE (I am not 100% sure of the model number, but it's the one with lifetime traffic and maps of US, Can, Mex, and Eur. Serial no starts with RZ is XXL 540 - 4GB )

Got the thing from UPS and opened the box and it tried to turn it on, but the battery appeared to not be charged. Plugged it into my PC (Win7x64) and installed Home2. It did an update. After the update (and there was an error - but don't recall what it was,) the XXL rebooted and came to the TOMTOM splash screen and sat there. After about 5 minutes, I did a reset (hold power button.)

Rebooted XXL, did another Home update and same situation: Hangs at start screen.

I contacted customer support. They told me to delete the Application. (Navigation device frozen or restarting)

No help.

Next they told me to:
"1. Connect the TomTom device to your computer.

2. Go into Start > Computer.

3. Double-click the TomTom device

4. copy folders labeled loquendo, USA Canada & Mexico, Europe to desktop

5. Right-click the TomTom device and choose Format.

6. If there is no label, enter a label such as "TOMTOM" and click Start.

7. Choose OK at the warning.

8. Select OK at the complete message

9. copy folders labeled loquendo, USA Canada & Mexico, Europe to TomTom device

10. launch TomTomHOME2 and check for updates"

Still no help. When I complete the update, it tells me that Home will restart my device. It just hangs there for hours.

I have repeated the steps above. (I tried quick format first and then full format.) Still no help.

Another point is that Home2 keeps asking me if want to Link Device to MyTomTom account - every time that I connect it to Home2. Is that significant?

I did make an explorer backup, but that was after the system was hosed up.

I have spent hours and hours (10+) trying to get this fixed.

On top of the frustration, now I am in Prague Czech Republic, with no navigation system and no idea of how to get to where I need to be. I am totally screwed.

Any help is appreciated.


Dec 5, 2010
One other point, after doing all those steps, now it is telling me that it needs to update the USA, Canada, & Mexico maps. I had just skipped that step. Since I am in Europe now and don't need those maps, right now. Plus, I didn't want the 3+ hours of downloading and installing.


Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
TomTom Model(s)
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Take a deep breath......

In your Explorer backup, do you have a map folder called USA_Canada_Mexico? And do you have a map folder that'll either be called Europe_(something) or just one that may be called Western_and_Central Europe?

The point is, if you have both map folders (with files in them, of course), then again --- only if you DO have the map folders though safely on your computer!!! ---

Format your unit's drive. Do NOT use quickfomat.

Copy back the European map folder and the USA_Canada_M if you'd like. Or you can keep it on the computer for now.

Connect your unit to Home. Accept an application that will be offered. Install.

Disconnect the unit properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon.

Try to start it now.


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