XL335TM Map Share not working

Dec 25, 2010
Holly Springs, NC, USA
Hey guys, just got a new XL 335TM today! Everything was working all fine and dandy, and I even had Map Share working! However, after I updated the maps to the newest version (860.3121), I can no longer select a country in the Map Share preferences. I also get a warning that I haven't updated the Maps in 20 weeks and Map Share corrections are currently unavailable. I've searched all over, and know that these problems are documented, but I can't seem to find a solution. I know the 20 week thing is nothing to worry about, but the lack of a country to select in Map Share preferences worries me a little. Otherwise everything works, and I'm happy to have my own TomTom!
Welcome to TTF.

That message is faulty. Ignore it. Mapshares aren't all they're hyped by the TomTom marketing department. That said, one day you will more than likely start receiving them.

Don't worry about it. honest.

And you DID see the announcement at the top of this and every forum about making an Explorer, not Home backup. Right? ;)
I'm just a little more than paranoid when new things don't work 100%. And of course I read that! I hate when people don't read the announcements. I just didn't find this forum until after I had done the first update, but otherwise I have made a backup through Finder (Mac nerd here). Just wish it didn't take so long!

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