XL335TM initial maps download time

Jun 14, 2011
I spent two hours today downloading the updated lifetime maps to my new XL335TM; one hour to download them over the internet, another hour to copy them to the device using the included USB cable.

This seems EXTREMELY long!

Is this a sign something may be wrong with my device? Or is it normal for the first download?

That model is just usb 1.1 compliant, not 2.0 so read/writes to unit will be slower.

Some downloads from TT's map server will be slower if there happens to be a large demand at the time. Two hours does seem long, though.
Usb 1.1???

Thanks! That sure explains the issue. I wasn't too concerned about the download time (ComCast has gotten really sloooow) but the file transfer time to the device surprised me. Almost as much as learning it is USB 1.1 rather than 2.0 compliant.

Thanks again.
Two hours does seem long, though.
Dunno .. an hour to download, an hour to transfer and process .. not all that atypical for many users with 1.1 USB for the 2nd part.
Download time seems about normal to slightly high, from my experience.

Install really does take an age on USB 1.1 machines.

No idsea why TomTom still use that old standard on their lower-end machines. I guess they must have had a huge drawer full of old USB chips they couldn't bear to throw away!
I guess they must have had a huge drawer full of old USB chips they couldn't bear to throw away!
I've never cracked the case on one of these units, but it's also entirely possible that the older (slower) CPU they were using on these models has an integrated USB 1.1 port onboard.

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